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Concussion Rehab Specialists
Clinical Services

Services will vary depending on the extent of injury and may consist of the following:

Neurocognitive Testing - Assess and identify any outstanding cognitive difficulties/functional limitations as a result of a concussion.

Cognitive Rehabilitation - Assist the individual with learning various strategies to carryover into daily living and to help them compensate for parts of the brain not functioning properly. (ex: day minder for organization, tape recorder for memory, etc).

Case Management & Resource Identification - Identify and manage additional concussion resources needed for optimal care (ex: Headache Specialist, Physical Therapist, Occupational Therapist, Speech Therapist, Physician, Lawyer, Psychologist, etc.) and keep communication clear and flowing amongst all parties. Mediate as necessary with schools and employers on the persons return back. Carryover effective strategies when necessary to assist them.

Vocational Rehabilitation - Administer and interpret career interest assessment, provide job coaching, conduct on the job modifications/accommodations, employer education regarding injury, work simulation, work retraining, resume writing and job placement assistance.

Life Care Planning Assistance - Identify and map out resources necessary for the persons long term care.

Educational Services

Prevention Outreach - Lecturing to schools and communities on the importance of helmets, seatbelts and the dangers of drug and alcohol use.

Coaches/Player/Parent Education - How to identify a sports related concussion and if/when to safely return an athlete back into the game. Provide important discussion and information to the athlete and to those closest to him/her.

Second Impact Syndrome Awareness - An athlete returned back into the game too soon can incur a concussion that can be fatal. Learn to identify the warning signs.

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