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 Concussion Resources

If you or a loved one has sustained a brain injury and need to identify pertinent resources within your community to assist with their care you may fill out the form below. Beth A. Adams will compile an individualized list based on the information you have requested.

Fee will be based on time necessary for specialist to gather pertinent resources.

Fee is $25.00 per every half hour

Please fill out the form below with a description of diagnosis and ongoing issues surrounding your condition. Please list times of your availability if further clarification is necessary.

Upon completion of requested resources, the information will be emailed or mailed directly to you depending on your preference.

Address 1:
Address 2:


Legal Disclaimer

Beth A. Adams does not endorse any of the resources she has provided you and she does not have a financial interest in any of them. Beth A. Adams provides this non exclusive information as a service to readers of this website. Readers should consult if necessary with professionals in brain injury when deciding to utilize any brain injury resources. Use of the information provided on this website does not establish any type of patient therapist relationship between Beth A. Adams and any user of the information.

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